I been cleaning up a bit and came across some orphan quilt blocks this week that I've just repurposed into bags.

Typhoon was made from an odd 12" storm at Sea block. It was paper pieced from the pattern at Quilter's Cache. This is such a fun way to create complex blocks. No finicky points to match, no fussy shapes to cut. Check out Marcia's easy instructions.

It's cool colors remind you of beach holidays and summer afternoons. Roomy with an outside pocket and a big zippered inside pocket, it even has a key hook so you don't spend time hunting for lost keys. Long, comfortable shoulder straps and a fun two color lining finish off this seaside treasure. Typhoon measures 12" x 12" and the handles are about 14" from the top of the bag to the apex for easy over the shoulder wear.

Typhoon qualifies for the Time for Spring Giveaway. Be the first person to make a purchase of $20 or more from my shop and you'll get Daphne the clock bag FREE.

Angel Fish uses up several 9 patch fish and water blocks I had from when my old quilt group was learning another way to make these. I can't remember whose method it was. Anyway, the bag features a deep hand dyed sea blue from my brother Benjammin' for the fishies to swim in. He very rarely makes one color fabrics like this. Usually it's much more elaborate tye dye tapestries or velvet.

It's just the size for those who like to travel light with just keys, cards, cash and a phone. 3 fun plastic fish buttons school over the flap on this undersea wonder. Angel measures 6" wide x 8.5" high. Lined in sky blue, no interior pockets.


Miss Gina Designs said...

Neat bags...love the creative use of quilt blocks!

Nancy said...

Love the quilt blocks, especially the bottom one, so bright and colorful!

storybeader said...

great way to use up those orphan blocks. And the outcome is so nice!

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